Your Christmas Tree Disposal Guide

Most Christmas decorations can be taken down and stored for years, while being reused over and over.

That might not apply to your Christmas tree, however.

Real and synthetic trees both have a definite shelf life. Before it coats your home in pine needles and becomes a major fire hazard, your real Christmas tree must be disposed of.

Additionally, it might also be time to throw away your artificial tree if it has outlived its usefulness.

As you start your post-holiday cleanup, keep in mind that live trees often cannot be disposed of in regular trash cans and that local Christmas tree garbage pickup services can vary greatly.

Florida Removall LLC has prepared this guide our guide on recycling and disposal methods to assist you with Christmas tree disposal.

Let’s get to it.

How Should A Christmas Tree Be Disposed Of?

Real and artificial Christmas trees have comparable decorative abilities, but their disposal techniques are completely different.

Live trees can be safely composted, mulched, or disposed of with other yard trash because they decompose.

On the other hand, fake trees are frequently composed of plastic, which cannot be recycled with single-stream trash like plastic bottles and aluminum cans and does not decompose in landfills.

Four Ways To Get Rid Of A Real Christmas Tree

Evergreens of various kinds, such as Balsam and Douglas firs, white spruce, and other pines, are frequently used as Christmas trees.

When a tree is cut, it can last four to five weeks before decomposing, giving you plenty of time to decide what to do with it after that.

But what do you do after the four or five weeks?

christmas tree disposal

1. Drop Off Your Tree for Curbside Pickup

Some cities include tree pickup in the usual garbage services they provide.

To find out if this is accessible in your area, call your trash company or check their website. Hopefully, the answer is yes and you can just drag your tree to the curb so it can be picked up.

However, you might have to pay a little bit more for pickup depending on your region and the provider.

Can I put a live Christmas Tree in a dumpster?

You should verify with your landlord or front office if you reside in an apartment building or complex that uses shared front-load dumpsters for regular waste collection.

Unfortunately, because of their size, Christmas trees are often not accepted.

2. Reuse Or Recycle Your Live Tree.

Remove all of the ornaments from your tree before recycling it.

In order to dispose of the tree, place it on a tarp by the curb and contact a local recycling program.

Be mindful that some Christmas trees are coated with pesticides, paints, and other chemicals when considering recycling your tree.

Trees tainted with certain compounds may be excluded from donation and recycling services.

More details on the chemicals your tree might contain might be found from the tree farm or dealer where you purchased it.

Mulch It

Through a process called “treecycling,” undesirable, old live trees are turned into mulch and other valuable products.

Specialty recyclers of yard debris can do this, although certain municipal service departments also provide this service.

Replant Your Christmas Tree

If you purchased your tree with the roots attached, it is actually possible to replant.

Replanting a tree might be challenging, but it is doable with the proper planning. However, you first must make sure that you keep the tree inside for no more than a week.

The reason for this is that the tree may lose its dormancy and be unable to adjust to the cold outside if you keep it in your warm house for an extended period of time.

  • For 1-3 days, keep the tree covered in a cool, dry location to aid in its acclimatization to the weather.
  • Remove any burlap that has been placed over the roots.
  • Dig a shallow hole that is at least twice as wide as the tree’s roots, insert the tree, fill the hole with dirt, and gently tamp it down.
  • Water the tree’s base.

3. Donate Your Christmas Tree

Even after you’re finished with your live tree, there are a number of charities who would be delighted to use it.

After the holidays, real Christmas trees can be given to wetlands restoration projects or wildlife refuges.

To find out if there are organizations in your community that could use your donated Christmas tree to improve the environment, get in touch with your local city or county government.    christmas tree ornament

4. Try Composting

Your Christmas tree’s evergreen boughs make the perfect foundation for compost piles.

Branches permit airflow at the base of the pile, supplying the oxygen and heat required for the decomposition of the pile’s top layers.

Before piling the branches a few inches high, cut the branches as necessary to fit in your pile or bin.

Add kitchen scraps and other biodegradable materials once this layer is put in place.

Trees that have been sprayed or chemically treated with pesticides can be composted in modest quantities, but it may take more time for them to decompose before they can be added back to the soil as finished compost.

Two Ways to Get Rid of an Artificial Christmas Tree`

Artificial Christmas tree disposal is more challenging, despite the fact that synthetic trees are more durable and require less upkeep. When it comes time to replace a fake tree, there are other solutions you can consider as artificial trees cannot be mulched for environmental purposes.

1. Place Your Artificial Tree in the Dumpster for Curbside Collection

Whether made of plastic or metal, artificial trees are frequently accepted as bulk items at the curbside. You might need to wait until bulk pickup day or cut your tree into tiny pieces that fit into your curbside collection container depending on where you live.

2. Bring It to a Drop-Off Area

After the holidays, there’s a strong possibility that one or more of these companies in your neighborhood will take artificial Christmas trees:

Your best bet is to donate the tree to a charitable organization:

Many charities will accept gently used artificial Christmas trees and either sell them to raise funds or use them to decorate their facilities.

Check with local charities to see if they are accepting tree donations.


Don’t forget, a dumpster rental can alleviate the mess if you have a lot of artificial trees to get rid of or are decluttering after the holidays. Find a reputable dumpster company like Florida Removall LLC to deliver and pickup your dumpster and provide a worry-free way to cleanup.








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