Renovating is an unavoidable evil.

Although the cost and duration of renovations are well known, most individuals are unaware of the labor-intensive nature of clean-up.

This article will provide you some advice on how to make your renovation cleaning worthwhile by increasing productivity, reducing errors, and saving money in the process!  cleaning up after a major renovation

Your top priority should be getting rid of all the dust generated by construction before it gets into your air ducts.

Almost all home improvement tasks result in the production of dust particles, which manage to find their way into every crevice of the area you’ve so meticulously restored.

Check out how to have a neighborhood cleanup.

Avoid letting thick layers of dust make your recently restored home appear dated and dirty. When you are ready to start, follow our handy advice.

Most contractors are too busy finishing the construction to prioritize routine cleaning. So, it’s possible that your windows, draperies, counters, and floors all have a heavy layer of dust on them.

Before managing dust and other debris, make sure the following materials are on hand:

  • Discarded Dryer Sheets
  • Mop And Broom
  • Clean Filters And An Air Purifier
  • Vacuum With HEPA Filters
  • Carpet Cleaner

Even after the restoration is finished, dust might still move from one area to another.

All the particles will be captured by an air purifier running, preventing them from having time to settle.

Up to 99% of airborne material can be eliminated by an efficient model. Mold spores and other microorganisms that can be hiding in your home can also be captured by a purifier.

Depending on usage, filters should typically be changed every 3-6 months. But if your renovation was substantial, you might want to change more frequently.

The best technique to clean the walls of dust is to use a moist towel to wipe them down.

Wrap the towel around the base of the broom to reach those hard-to-reach areas.

If need, tape it to keep it in place. Wait at least 30 days for the walls to properly cure if you’ve recently painted, as moisture can harm fresh paint. Use a huge feather duster if possible.

Any old vacuum cleaner won’t do if you really want to get rid of building debris.

For this kind of task, think about renting a powerful HEPA vacuum. These vacuums often have stronger suction and are suited for business use.

You might also ask your contractor to lend you an industrial vacuum.

If your floors aren’t carpeted, you’ll need to mop them following to get rid of any remaining dust. Make sure to choose a cleaner that is compatible with your flooring material, whether it be hardwood or stone tiles.

Your contractor will have disposed of the majority of building waste, including outdated kitchen tiles and unwanted crown molding.

However, there can still be a ton of trash sitting about. Renting a dumpster is the most effective approach to handle extra debris during your restoration cleanup.

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We hope you enjoyed these tips on cleaning up after a major renovation.


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