Have You Ever Wondered How To Keep Pests out Of Your Roll Off Dumpster?

You have rented a roll off dumpster for your big renovation project and everything is going great.

But suddenly you realize that you are being invaded by insects, rodents, racoons etc.

The best approach to temporarily store waste from your project is to use a dumpster. However, pests can become a MAJOR problem during a long-term rental.

Insects can range from obtrusive but benign to unpleasant or even lethal. It is vital that people who have wasps or bee allergies are not put in danger but the insects hovering around your dumpster.

Raccoons are adorable, but they may be dangerous to pets and transmit several diseases.

Although bears seem warm and cuddly, it’s best to keep them at a safe distance.

Additionally, pests tend to create a tremendous mess while scavenging through your dumpster for the best bits of trash.
Overall, you’re better off doing anything you can to keep undesirable animals away from your outdoor dumpsters.

Let’s try to provide some solutions on how to keep pests out of your roll off dumpster and save you some headaches.  How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Roll Off Dumpster!

1. Make A Home For Your Dumpster Instead Of  Wildlife.

Placement of the dumpster is crucial. Your dumpsters should ideally be situated on a concrete slab that slopes.

The slope will stop rainfall or runoff from cleaning down a sewage drain, and the concrete will prevent mice from digging their way in from below.

2. Be Aware Of Your Dumpster Placement

A blatant invitation for insects and rats to climb up and over the dumpster walls is to place the dumpster on grass or mulch. Pests use these areas for protection and are much more plentiful here.

Your dumpster’s placement on concrete or gravel will lessen their invitation.

Additionally, if something leaks out of your container, setting it on concrete or gravel eliminates the worry that it would leak into the groundwater.

3. Don’t Put Any Food Waste In Your Dumpster.

When there is a large dumpster on your property, there is always a temptation to throw EVERYTHING in there.

However, you always want to avoid throwing any type of food waste in your dumpster, even if it is just the remnants of your lunch you ate while working.

Food is infamous for quickly going bad and stinking up a place, which is why animals like squirrels, raccoons, rats, and possums find it so appealing.

Additionally, flies will be prepared to settle in your rental, which attracts even more bugs.

Avoid the issue completely by keeping all food trash out of the area. Have a separate, nightly-removable container on site for food trash.

4. Create A Bad Smell

The majority of animals, including humans, find ammonia annoying.

Many insects, including cockroaches, can be killed by spraying an ammonia solution around your dumpster. It will also deter pest animals like raccoons, possums, and rats.

But exercise caution when using the fix. Never combine ammonia and bleach since it will produce harmful fumes, and you don’t want the ammonia odor to permeate throughout your building and affect humans.

Florida Removall LLC is a top-rated roll off dumpster service that services Marion County Florida. We are happy to give our customers more ideas on how to maintain a pest-free roll off dumpster rental.

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