Have You Heard Of Shalom Park In Ocala?

Are you familiar with Shalom Park? It’s a hidden gem in Ocala that’s quickly gaining popularity among visitors.

Sholom Park, a private sanctuary that opens its gates every day for the public to enjoy its tranquil, well-manicured 45 acres of hardwood hammocks, climax sandhill forest, huge grassy lawns, and planted thematic gardens, is known for its meditative atmosphere and relaxing walking environment.  shalom park

Children are welcome, but this is not a place for them to run around and make a lot of noise. Instead, visitors are encouraged to walk slowly and quietly while exploring over two miles of paved trails.

Shalom Park is a brand-new and incredible destination in Ocala that is unlike anything else in the area. It’s a park with a religious theme that has something for everyone.

Shalom Park Information

Sholom Park, with peace as its aim, was built to thrive in the Central Florida environment, requiring little or no additional irrigation beyond what nature provides.

A beautiful, harmonious landscape is created by combining native plants with developed ornamentals, perennials, and annuals.

Paved walkways thread through mature oaks, hickories, sweet gums, and long leaf pine trees as they transport tourists from one distinctive trail or feature to the next.

Guests can use these trails to explore the park. There are a number of benches where visitors can rest and reflect.

A labyrinth with reflecting stations helps visitors have a better grasp of Sholom Park’s mission.  shalom park pond

A major feature is the 3/4-acre pond. Visitors adore feeding the Koi fish, which literally jump out of the water when they are hungry.

Shalom Park is a well-kept Ocala secret that offers a unique, family-friendly destination.


With its blend of natural beauty and man-made monuments and amenities, the park has something for everyone.

For a stress reliever, take a trip to Shalom Park.  You will be happy you did!


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