What You Should Know About the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida, is known as a horse-friendly city, and has been for centuries. It’s also known as the “Ocala Horse Capital of the World.”

Located in Marion County, the city has a population of 62,000 and is known for its stunning green surroundings, horse farms, and equine-related business enterprises.  world equestrian center

It has a long list of equestrian-related attractions, and one of the most famous is the World Equestrian Center.

Whether you are an avid equestrian and love to ride your horse, or you’ve always wanted to learn more about horses, the World Equestrian Center has something for everyone in this beautiful and rich city.

What to Expect at the World Equestrian Center

The World Equestrian Center is a 240-acre facility that offers an array of horse-related activities, from training to leasing and boarding.

Visitors can experience the center’s offerings through trail rides, riding lessons, and shopping in the center’s shops.

The center features all things equestrian related. You can buy anything from saddles to horse blankets at the onsite retail store, or take a break for some refreshments in the café.

The center offers two restaurants with gorgeous views of the property, plus three barns for horse boarding.

It’s easy to see why this cityearned the nickname “Ocala Horse Capital of the World.” The scenery here is stunning, with large green pastures, quaint cottages and a thriving community that loves horses and embraces their culture.

Fun Facts About the World Equestrian Center

– The World Equestrian Center is the largest horse facility in the United States

– It has over 378 acres of land that houses a world-class show venue, 120 stalls, and more.

– They are committed to bring top equestrian competitions to Ocala

– The center hosts a wide variety of events like the $1 million Ocala Arabian Amateur Show, Peruvian Paso Horse World Show, and many more!

5 Things to Do At The World Equestrian Center

1) Glimpse the history of horses and how they became domesticated by visiting the Marion County History Center.

2) Make sure to take a tour of the horse farms in the area and explore what goes on behind-the-scenes.

3) Give your children the opportunity to ride horses at one of the many different horse camps around town, or sign them up for lessons.

4) Have your dog enjoy a visit at Doggie Day Care, located right next door.  world horse capital

5) Visit the world’s largest indoor show barn, which is home to premier events like dressage competitions and horse shows every year.

The World Equestrian Center: An Ideal Place for Horse Lovers to Learn More

The World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida is the perfect place for anyone who loves horses to learn more about them.

There are many different things to do here, including shopping at the store, riding your horse on a trail, and even taking your horse to the vet. The World Equestrian Center also offers a variety of seminars and classes on how to care for your horse.

In addition, visitors will find other sites in Ocala that will be of interest to those who love horses, such as Marion Downs Farm and Rocky Brook Farms. They offer horseback rides and tours year round, so there’s never really a bad time for an equestrian lover to visit this beautiful city!


If you are looking for an exciting, hands-on experience where you can learn more about horses, the World Equestrian Center is the perfect place for you.

This massive facility has something for everyone, and has been recognized as an international leader in the equine industry.

The World Equestrian Center is conveniently located in Ocala, Florida, and offers a variety of activities, including horse shows, educational events and so much more.

Whether you are a horse enthusiast or just getting started learning about them, this is the ideal place for you to visit.

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