Keep Reading To Discover 5 Great Reasons To Move To Ocala Florida!

So you are thinking about moving.

You long for warmer winters, palm trees, and sandy beaches.

Florida is the answer.

But what city in Florida has everything you need to make you and your family happy and content for years to come?

Check out these 5 great reasons to move to Ocala, Florida.

1. Small Town Atmosphere

Ocala has only around 35,000 full-time residents and the town has the feel of a Mayberry type atmosphere.  Residents here are friendly, crime is low, and traffic is more than tolerable.  And while it might not stay alive all night like New York City, that is a good thing for folks here.

reasons to move to ocala


2. Horses Are Our Thing!

Ocala is actually known as the “Horse Capital Of The World”.  There are six hundred horse farms here that look like something out of a tourist pamphlet.  The town also sports the 500-acre Florida Horse Park where the US Equestrian team trains and where many horse-related events take place.

horse grazing

And of course, there is the multi-million dollar World Equestrian Center, which is the largest complex of its kind in the world. Here you will find a massive venue for horse-related events along with a five star hotel and much more.

3. Home Prices

Because Ocala is in the middle of the state, home and land prices are still very reasonable here.  As in, half the price that you will find in South Florida or metropolitan areas.  However, as the world finds out more about what a great place to live the town is, these prices will begin to rise.

florida home

4. Location

While residents can still enjoy the small-town living, they are also just a short drive from some unbelievable attractions.  Less than an hour away is Orlando, with its theme parks (think Disney) professional sports, nightlife, and much more.  The same goes for Tampa (a little over an hour commute) and Jacksonville.

And of course, the “World’s Most Famous Beach”, Daytona, is only an hour to the East.

But the best part?  Hurricanes hammer the coastal areas but tend to weaken dramatically before reaching Ocala.

Disney world Florida

5. Nature

Ocala provides great opportunities for those who love to be outside.  The town offers more parks than you can visit in a week and an amazing array of lakes and rivers where activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating are commonplace.

But one of the best secrets are the natural springs that you will find in the massive and impressive Ocala Natural Forest.

florida springs

These are 5 great reasons to move to Ocala Florida, but there are plenty more.  Make plans to visit and you won’t be disappointed.

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